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GameTags: inixsoft, jm studio, open world, medieval, fantasy, crpg

Info: Thanatos : The Dragon Chaser is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Inixsoft and JM Studio. The game features two opposing factions, seven unique classes, and accessible gameplay mechanics that make the game easy to pick up by new players.

Key Features:
• Accessible Gameplay
Thanatos features a variety of accessible mechanics: Automatic hunting system lets players hunt monsters without manually controlling the character all the time. Automatic path finding system allows players to find quest NPCs or monsters with ease. The “DASH” feature in the game speeds up the movement of character, allowing players to complete their objectives faster. Additionally, there’s also an automatic points arrangement system to help players allot their character stat and skill points.

• Seven Classes
The game features a total of seven classes, including Defender, Warrior, Archer, Enchanter, Dark Mage, Thief and Knight.

• Collectible Cards
You can obtain collectible cards by completing quests or through hunting monsters. These cards provide not only basic skill buffs but can also be upgraded or combined with other cards to create even more powerful cards. Unique cards like the Critical Heat card, Transformation card, and Summoning card will even grant players access to new gameplay possibilities.

• Choose A Side
There are two factions in Thanatos — one loyal to the king and the other to the pope. Players can choose to join a faction when they reach level 10, each faction offering a different class structure and rewards system. The faction you choose will also determine which side you fight on in the game’s open PvP events.