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GameTags: nikita online, open world, medieval, fantasy, action rpg

Info: Sphere 3: Enchanted World is a hardcore PvP MMORPG from Nikita Online. Take part in epic sieges of huge castles and use a wide range of siege engines to achieve your goal. Having a strong emphasis on mass PvP, “Sphere 3” developers paid special attention to performance: The game is optimized in such a way that it can provide players with a smooth gameplay experience during massive PvP battles even on lower-end machines.

Key Features:
• The world of total PvP: Battles and engagements between individual players, parties, clans, alliances and factions in different modes can occur on most parts of the game map, sometimes even in starting areas.

• Non-target, no compromises: Sphere 3 combat system provides total freedom of aiming, dynamically calculating the damage and allowing players to quickly pick an optimal skill at a given range with the game’s unique color telltale crosshair.

• Performance for the masses: Moderate system requirements make Sphere 3 a perfect place for mass PvP action.

• A thrilling story-driven adventure: The game’s storyline is made up of more than 1000 quests, with 600 hours worth of story content.

• Challenging castle sieges: Conquering a castle is impossible without using an array of siege weapons and completing various objectives (capture flag points, wipe out NPC defenders, breach the gates etc).

• It’s all about castles: Owning a castle involves a lot of micromanagement, defensive upgrads and constantly being on guard for invaders, but the hard work pays off in the end because the best items in the game can only be obtained through castle development.

• Unforgiving yet fair PK (Player Kill) and Karma system: PK is not punnished in numerous free PvP zones, but building up bad karma points can cause an offender to lose both gold and items after death.

• Well-balanced PvP team: 9 different classes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses complement each other well on the field of battle.

• Diverse PvE entertainment: Dungeons, world bosses, global cooperative missions on the enemy territory etc.