Added Under SPORTS | International | Open Beta: January 14, 2016
# PC

GameTags: bandai namco games, webzen, lobby-based, modern, golf sim

Info: Winning Putt is a golf MMO developed by Webzen Onnet. In the game, you can choose between the Power and Accuracy class to define your play style. Play on challenging courses with breathtaking scenery and varied terrain that is only easily accessible in a virtual world. Join rounds with people from all over the world or challenge them in a betting round. Grow your golf career by rising through the ranks and competing in tournaments.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Open Beta: March 2, 2016
# PC

GameTags: webzen, polygon games, open world, fantasy, crpg

Info: ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds is a fantasy MMORPG set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters. The game offers extensive options for both solo and party play, with a flexible dungeon system that adjusts its difficulty based on the number of players. It also offers a ready-made party and raid finder that allows players to connect and group up in an instant.

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | NA, EU | Live: November 24, 2015
# PC
ELOA - Elite Lord of Alliance
GameTags: webzen, npicsoft, open world, medieval, fantasy, anime, action rpg

Info: ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance is an isometric action MMORPG developed by NpicSoft. In the game, players can choose between one of five playable classes among four races, with each class having access to three combat stances. ELOA’s unique gameplay revolves around tactically switching between the three stances mid-combat, with each stance offering a different play-style and purpose.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Discontinued: April 28, 2015
# PC
MU Rebirth
GameTags: webzen, open world, medieval, fantasy, crpg

Info: MU Rebirth is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Webzen. While based on the classic gaming style of the original MU Online, the game focuses heavily on PVP. MU Rebirth has the seasonal reset system that offers new motivation to players in each season. Localized service for servers in each country will ensure that all players will have the best gaming experience possible.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Open Beta: July 8, 2014
# PC
Archlord 2
GameTags: webzen, open world, medieval, fantasy, crpg

Info: Archlord 2 is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by WEBZEN. In the game, players join in a never-ending conflict between the two opposing factions of Azuni and Crunn, and fight to claim the ultimate prize of becoming the Archlord – the world’s supreme ruler.

Added Under MMORPG | NA | Live: November 4, 2014
# PC
GameTags: webzen, ignited games, naria, open world, sci-fi, fantasy, crpg

Info: SevenCore is a fusion-fantasy MMORPG developed by Noria. The game throws players into a war-torn world filled with intrigue, rebellion, and ancient mysteries. Players will be able to fight on land, sky and sea while riding on fantasy creatures and sci-fi vehicles.

Added Under MMORPG | NA, EU, SEA | NA Live: April 10, 2013, EU Open Beta: July 18, 2013, SEA Open Beta: August 25, 2014
# PC
Age of Wushu
GameTags: snail games, webzen, cubizone, open world, wuxia, fantasy, crpg

Info: Age of Wushu (a.k.a. Age of Wulin in Europe and Age of Kung Fu in Southeast Asia) is a wuxia-themed MMORPG developed by Snail Games. In the game, players can choose to play through any one of the six storylines and are not limited by levels and classes.

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | International | Live: July 11, 2012
# PC
GameTags: webzen, instance-based, medieval, fantasy, hack and slash, action rpg

Info: Continent of the Ninth (C9) is an action MMO developed by Cloud 9 Studio using its own custom made engine. The game features non-targeting action complete with WASD movement and arcade style combo mechanics.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Discontinued: September 2, 2013
# PC
Arctic Combat
GameTags: webzen, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter

Info: Arctic Combat is an online first-person shooter developed and published by Webzen. The game is set during the events of World War III where countries around the world fight for control of natural resources in arctic territories.