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# PC

GameTags: oasis games, netdragon, lobby-based, historical, real-time strategy, third-person action

Info: Tiger Knight: Empire War is a massive multiplayer online PVP game that reenacts large-scale battles in the Middle Ages. It has a wide variety of war equipment based on history, including weapons, armors and various kinds of horses. With its single battle and team battle systems, Tiger Knight: Empire War transports you back in time to the brutal era of melee warfare.

The game is set in 200 AD and includes some of the most powerful empires of that time, including the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire, the Kushan Empire and the Parthian Empire. Play as a General in one of those empires, lead your own soldiers and win wars with skills, strategies and teamwork.

Key Features:
• Inspiration and Innovation
Tiger Knight turns to classic PC games for inspiration and adopts a third person RPG control scheme, so players can use their mouse to attack or parry. Combo attack, charge attack, charge and penetration, all these mechanics make for a fast-paced experience.

• Command and Strategy
Tiger Knight is the first war game that integrates melee strategy and action competition. It resurrects various ancient war troops and strategies. Players can fight battles by commanding troops and adjutants.

• Restraint on Weapons and Armors
Tiger Knight employs a unique method of calculating damage and defense. Damage is classified into several types according to weapon types and attack methods– chop, crush and pierce. Armors are offered in cloth, leather, iron and composite materials. Weapons will have specific effects when paired with distinct armors. Damages are also different depending on locations.

• Realistic Battlefield
Numerous famous battlefields reappear in Tiger Knight, each of which has its own combat strategy. Players should choose appropriate strategy according to the battlefield.

• Various Collection Modes
In Tiger Knight, there are 10 upgrade modes. Each mode contains 5-10 troops. Players unlock and upgrade by obtaining experience, prestige and copper, recruiting adjutants from famous heroes in the Three Kingdom Period and training them in different skills and formations.

• Numerous Equipment
Players can unlock equipment such as armors, weapons and horses. There are more than 1000 armors and weapons, 50 horses and horse gears in Tiger Knight. Players can choose weapons with different lengths or damage, cloth armor, leather armor and iron armor.

• Unique Adjutant System
Players can not only unlock soldiers but also recruit famous adjutants. Adjutants have different capacities, special formations, skills and different levels of loyalty. Improve their abilities to win the battle.