Added Under SPORTS | EU | Live: February 4, 2015
# PC

GameTags: gamekiss, jcentertainment, lobby-based, modern, basketball

Info: FreeStyle 2 is an MMO sports game developed by JCEntertainment. It’s an arcade style online street basketball game with an emphasis on precise controls, fluid movement, teamwork, and fast-paced action.

Info: Ghost X is a fast-paced multiplayer online action RPG set in an alternative modern world. In the game, players wield special weapons morphed by monsters called Nanobots, which can be customized to suit players’ battle preferences.

Info: Unlike ordinary 3D games that only accentuate realism, NIDA Online’s colorful and unique visual style gives the feeling of intimacy. A wide array of special effects makes full use of 3D graphics to provide a highly immersible gaming experience.