Added Under STRATEGY | EU | Open Beta: March 7, 2016
# PC

GameTags: idc games, light vision interactive, lobby-based, sci-fi, turn-based strategy

Info: Affected Zone Tactics is an online turn-based tactics game where you take the role of a mercenary group commander and embark on a journey to mysterious parallel worlds in search of ressources. Participate in exciting PvP battles with the goal of capturing the enemy’s flag. Fight back to back with your Friends, try out different play styles, different mercenary classes and enjoy the deep tactical battle system.

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY | International | Live: May 25, 2012
GameTags: idc games, funnel inc, instance-based, sci-fi, anime, real-time strategy

Info: BattleSpace is a sci-fi strategy MMO developed by Funnel Inc. In the game, players take control of one of many different races vying for resources and dominance in an unclaimed galaxy overflowing with resources. With real-time resource management, full-scale space wars, and limitless strategic possibilities that directly affect all allies and foes within the player-driven universe, BattleSpace delivers an accessible yet satisfyingly deep massively online strategy experience.

Added Under SHOOTER | NA, EU | Closed Beta: TBA
# PC
Metal Assault
GameTags: gravity, idc games, gni soft, instance-based, modern, anime, platformer, shoot ’em up

Info: Metal Assault is a 2D Run ‘N Gun game developed by GNI & Sesi Soft. As an R.O.C. Operative, players will be able to explore the City of HERZ, run and gun across 12 dangerous maps and go on a series of gun-blazing assignments to unravel the mystery behind the explosion at R.O.C. HQ and the disappearance of the famed Professor Russell.