Added Under SPORTS, RACING | International | Live: February 13, 2016
# PC

GameTags: vae victis games, lobby-based, modern, auto racing

Info: Victory is a unique racing game with unprecedented car handling and user generated cars inspired by different eras of racing. Victory proposes a thrilling racing experience through multiplayer events competition and get drivers involved in an addictive team career. You can be a ruthless driver pushing your car over the limits, a talented designer by creating unique user generated cars and a high skilled technical director by enhancing your car’s performance and tackling advanced settings. Join the competition and get victorious by racing in Victory.

Added Under SPORTS | International | Open Beta: June 17, 2011
# PC
basket dudes
GameTags: bitoon games, lobby-based, cartoon, modern, basketball

Info: Basket Dudes is a free to play basketball MMO developed by Spanish MMO developer Bitoon. In Basket Dudes users will have the opportunity to create their own clubs, select their teams among more than 30 players with different characteristics and styles of playing and customize their own court. Through an online community they will also be able to compete against users all over the world and to create its own private leagues.

Added Under SPORTS, RACING | International | Live: October 29, 2012
# PC
Tales Runner
GameTags: ogplanet, rhaon entertainment, lobby-based, modern, anime, racer

Info: Tales Runner is a bright and cheerful online racing game from Rhaon Entertainment. In the game, you can race through a variety of tracks based on famous fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Momotaro and more.

Added Under SPORTS | International | Live: December 31, 2008
# PC
Football Superstars
GameTags: cybersports, monumental games, coli games, lobby-based, modern, football simulation

Info: Football Superstars is the world’s first Virtual Football World. An entire online football game designed by football fans exclusively for football fans, where you can enjoy a massively multiplayer football simulation on your PC free of charge. Football Superstars takes the player through the life of a footballer, from grass-root kick-abouts to the pinnacle of premier football and international stardom.

Added Under SPORTS, RACING | International | Live: September 5, 2007
# PC
Drift City
GameTags: gamescampus, npluto, lobby-based, modern, anime, auto racing

Info: Drift City is an MMO racing game developed by Npluto. The game has a unique mix of role-playing and driving game elements, offering both mission modes and multi-player racing modes for a unique racing experience. Players can choose from a variety of vehicles, customize the designs, and upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

Added Under SPORTS | International | Live: September 12, 2006
# PC
Shot Online
GameTags: gamescampus, lobby-based, anime, modern, golf sim

Info: Developed by OnNet, Shot-Online is the world’s first MMO to combine elements of golf simulation and role playing. Incorporating elements of traditional role-playing enhanced by a proprietary physics engine for golf ball dynamics and interaction with various challenging, varied golf courses, Shot-Online is a sports RPG that allows players to experience realistic golf simulation, full 3D courses and characters, and a variety of camera views that make playing the game a truly immersive experience.

Added Under SPORTS | International | Live: 2005
# PC
GameTags: smilegate, ntreev, lobby-based, anime, fantasy, golf sim

Info: Pangya is a deep and challenging MMO golf game wrapped in the anime-style magical world of Pangya Island. Gamers can explore 18 unique courses in solo play, or challenge friends online in one of the five different modes: Versus, Tournament, Practice, Approach, and Pang Battle.