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GameTags: jc planet, eyasoft, open world, fantasy, anime, action rpg

Info: Dungeon Hero is a fantasy action MMORPG from JC Planet. With three character choices, the game offers intensive combat action as players fight their way as a team or solo through hundreds of dungeon challenges testing both their wit and reaction.

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Metal Reaper Online
GameTags: jc planet, n2 games, sesi soft, instance-based, post-apocalyptic, zombie, isometric shooter

Info: Metal Reaper Online is an MMO with isometric shooter and RPG elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a nuclear war has devastated the earth, the game starts you off as one of the survivors trying to save the world from further destruction. You can choose from four military units, the Panzer, Predator, Sniper and Supporter, each with their own unique skills and attributes, and take on various missions and engage in fast-paced shooting action.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Live: September 24, 2014
# PC
Legend of Edda
GameTags: jc planet, eyasoft, open world, anime, fantasy, crpg

Info: Based on the Greek mythological conflict between the Gods of the Olympus and the Titans, Legend of Edda takes players on a journey through a storyline divided into five chapters based on the conflict of two opposing factions. Players will pledge their allegiance to Olympus or Titan from the beginning – prior to character creation – which will play a large role in upcoming PVP and RVR battles.

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# PC
Seal Online
GameTags: playwith interactive, jc planet, grigon entertainment, open world, medieval, anime, fantasy, crpg

Info: Developed by Grigon Entertainment, Seal Online is a lighthearted fantasy MMORPG with seven different classes to choose from, including Warrior, Knight, Mage, Priest, Jester, Hunter and Craftsman, each of which can be further upgraded to one of two advanced classes, depending on the player’s play style.