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GameTags: everember online team, indie, open world, retro, sandbox, medieval, fantasy, crpg

Info: EverEmber Online is an open world MMORPG without any objectives, primary quest lines, or quests telling you how to play. If you are in the mood for an old school MMORPG similar to that of Runescape and Ultima online, then this is your type of game! You are free to travel around, explore, fight, meet new people, and progress through the ranks.

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GameTags: mythyn interactive, instance-based, medieval, fantasy, retro, sandbox, crpg

Info: Linkrealms is a Sandbox MMORPG that harks back to the roots of classic online role-playing games, where community was the center of the user experience, one’s choices mattered, and reputation was earned on the battlefield rather than leaderboards. With its mix of old-school design choices, modern features and unique servers, Linkrealms caters to the needs of the hardcore mmo nostalgic as well as to the player looking for a more laidback online experience.

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Arcane Chronicles
GameTags: nexon, playworks, instance-based, medieval, fantasy, retro, crpg

Info: Arcane Chronicles is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG developed by Playworks. Set in the medieval period and inspired by ancient spiritual beliefs and mythologies, the game features over 300 different enemy types, three skill trees for each of the three playable characters and the ability to switch between them mid-game at any time – all within a vast world with 30 beautifully painted field maps and 10 dangerous dungeons.

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GameTags: archive entertainment, indie, open world, retro, sandbox, building game

Info: 8BitMMO is a construction sandbox MMO set in a persistent 8bit world! Build a home or a castle in a massive, streaming world. Found and manage your own city. Fight evil Lawyercats and engage in player vs player battle.

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GameTags: marxnet , indie, open world, medieval, fantasy, retro, sandbox, crpg

Info: RPG MO is an online multiplayer role-playing game that gives players the opportunity to explore many paths. Players can build up combat and magic skills and acquire spells, weapons and armor to become formidable fighters, and they may also build up crafting skills and create items for themselves or for sale to others.

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GameTags: jarbit, indie, open world, fantasy, retro, crpg

Info: Aberoth is a retro-style fantasy MMORPG developed by Jarbit. You start your adventure in an orcish prison with no possessions or skills. Once you escape, your journey of exploration begins. To survive, you must acquire items, learn skills, and join forces with other players to combat the hordes of enemies who inhabit the world.

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Serenia Fantasy
GameTags: koram games, open world, anime, retro, fantasy, crpg

Info: Serenia Fantasy is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from Koram Games. Set on the fictional continent of Serenia, players will take on a whole host of different quests and missions, taking them across the continent from the hazardous icy plains to the underwater region of Nagarian. Players will help to protect villagers from zombies, fight for survival in the Halo Coliseum, hunt sharks in Nagarian, free the besieged Mage Village and undertake many more enthralling and exciting missions across the lands of Serenia.

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Realm of the Mad God
GameTags: kabam, wild shadow studios, indie, open world, retro, shoot ’em up, roguelike, action rpg

Info: Realm of the Mad God is the first ever free to play Bullet Hell MMO. Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God, Oryx. With a retro 8-bit style, Realm is an evolution of traditional MMO gameplay. A dozen classes and hundreds of items to discover means Realm is easy to play but difficult to master. Players can jump in Realm for 5 minutes or stay online for hours because there is nothing to install or download.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Open Beta: September 24, 2010
Fantasy Tales Online
GameTags: cold tea studios, indie, open world, medieval, fantasy, retro, sandbox, crpg

Info: Fantasy Tales Online is retro sandbox fantasy MMORPG. You’re an adventurer thrown into a dangerous world. To be successful you will have to form guilds, complete quests, collect gear, fight through randomly generated and hand crafted dungeons, and most importantly construct your own player cities.