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# PC

GameTags: asiasoft, all-m, instance-based, anime, fantasy, action rpg, brawler

Info: Developed by ALL-M, Kritika Online is a fast-paced action-packed online brawler, combining an easy to learn but hard to master combo system with stylish anime style graphics and animation. Players can choose to play as a Warrior, Rogue, Mage or Schyther, and can play cooperatively with others in instanced dungeons or fight in intense PvP battles.

Added Under STRATEGY | International, SEA | SEA Open Beta: May 29, 2013, INT Open Beta: October 2, 2014
# PC
Chaos Heroes Online
GameTags: asiasoft, aeria games, neoact, lobby-based, anime, fantasy, real-time strategy, moba

Info: Chaos Heroes Online is a MOBA where two teams of five players battle to destroy the enemy base. Featuring fast-paced battles that dive straight into the action, powerful heroes and new map mechanics, Chaos Heroes Online provides an experience close to the roots of the MOBA genre.

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | SEA, International | SEA Live: May 29, 2014
Phantasy Star Online 2
GameTags: sega, asiasoft, instance-based, sci-fi, anime, hack and slash, action rpg

Info: Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) is a sci-fi online action RPG developed by SEGA. The game features a deep character creation system, three races and classes, dynamic dungeons and action-based combat that combines hack and slash and TPS elements.

Added Under MMORPG | SEA, International | SEA Open Beta: January 3, 2013, INT Live: May 1, 2013
# PC
Ragnarok Online 2
GameTags: asiasoft, gravity, open world, medieval, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second (RO2) is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Gravity Interactive using the Gamebryo Engine. The game improves over its predecessor’s Kafra and Card systems as well as adding new features such as the “Dual Life” and the “Khara” System.

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | International, SEA | INT Live: January 11, 2011, SEA Open Beta: July 15, 2014
# PC, PS3
GameTags: daybreak game company, asiasoft, warner bros, dc, open-world, modern, superhero, action rpg

Info: DC Universe Online is an action MMORPG that combines immersive environments and fascinating story arcs with fast-paced, physics-based combat. Fight alongside or against the legendary characters of DC Comics and chart your own path to legendary.

Added Under STRATEGY, MMORPG | International, SEA | Live: October 7, 2010
# PC
Uncharted Waters Online
GameTags: netmarble, asiasoft, tecmo koei, open world, historical, crpg

Info: Uncharted Waters Online is a strategic MMORPG set during the Age of Exploration, a historic era when opportunities to accumulate wealth and power were abundant. Players will experience a simulation of sea-faring life in the 15th century, and can select from one of three starter classes: Adventurer, Merchant and Soldier. The world of Uncharted Waters Online allows players to explore, trade, battle and participate in various live events.

Added Under MMORPG | International | Live: 2010
# PC
Aika Online
GameTags: hanbitsoft, joyimpact, open world, medieval, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Aika Online is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Joyimpact. In the game, five nations vie for control of Arcan in massive PvP castle sieges, relic thefts, and tower assaults, waging war on a scale never before seen in an MMO. Assisted by their Pran – an intelligent fairy familiar whose personality develops through conversation – players shape the fate of their country and the world, and can even rise to rule as Lord Marshall.

Added Under CASUAL | SEA, International | Live: SEA September 1, 2006, INT April 2, 2007
# PC
Audition Online
GameTags: asiasoft, redbanana, t3 entertainment, lobby-based, modern, music, dancing, rhythm

Info: Audition is an online music and dancing game that allows you to compete and cooperate with players from all over the world. The objective of the game is to dance your way to virtual stardom by syncing your avatar’s moves with the beat of today’s hottest pop music. Players enjoy a variety of single and multiplayer modes, and in-game clothing and accessories can be bought to customize player avatars.

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | NA, EU, SEA | Live: May 2005
GameTags: nexon, asiasoft, wizet studio, instance-based, anime, platformer, action rpg

Info: MapleStory is a side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Nexon’s Wizet Studio. In the game, players defend the “Maple World” from a variety of monsters and develop their character’s skills and abilities by battling monsters, partaking in story-based quests, jump quests and teaming up with others for Party quests.