Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII’s tutorial is a little bit different. People learning to play the simulation can go through Hero Mode. In addition to experiencing a recreation of historical events in China, it’s a means of teaching people how to play through the game. It takes you through specific events and battles.

To help people better imagine how Hero Mode works, Koei Tecmo has released a new trailer and screenshots. The footage begins with the Oath of the Peach Garden between the Peach Garden Three, then moves on to a snippet of The Unbeatable Lu Bu taken from the Battle of Hulao Pass event at the 1 minute, 14 second mark. Each part shows how the story segments in Hero Mode work.

People will also see certain characters in two different ways when going through Hero Mode, or Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII in general. Some have two character portraits, with one for civic affairs and another for battle. While these don’t show up in the video, you will be able to catch characters looking different depending on the situation in the full game.


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII will come to the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on July 5, 2016. It will come to Europe on July 8, 2016.