I was going to write a whole long post, filled with witty puns including Lucifer, Cerberus and Dante’s Inferno references. It was going to be hilarious, I promise you. But then I didn’t get to have lunch, and my coffee was cold, and I decided you don’t really care anyway. So, if you missed our giveaway post earlier this week, allow me to remind of you just how cool the giveaway is:

While that might sound pretty cool, it looks even more epic. Check it out.

How can you enter, I hear you ask (or are those just the voices in my head again?) – it’s simple! Just click right here, yes, that highlighted bit, and go to the sexy entry page. All we need is your name and email address and you could be a winner. Bonus points if you tweet. Please tweet, it makes me happy. Entries close 12 June, at which point you’ll need to find another stress ball to deal with your disappointment.