Nintendo recently revealed the remainder of the weapons coming to Splatoon with the addition of Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2, which release today, June 7th. Below is a list of the five remaining weapons, along with their official descriptions.




The Aerospray PG is best described as a little update to the Aerospray MG that Sheldon built from his grandpappy’s blueprints. No matter how you describe it, it’s definitely a hand-crafted work of art. Burst Bombs help claim turf and the Kraken crushes enemy defenses.



Meet the Heavy Splatling Remix. It’s not a remix to your favorite headbanger – It’s, uh, a remixed version of the Heavy Splatling. Warm up the crowd with the Sprinkler sub and then drown ‘em out with the devastating Killer Wail for an encore.




Check out the super sweet Cherry H-3 Nozzlenose. The Splash Wall sub weapon lets you leverage the great range of the main, while the Bubbler is perfect for turning the tables in a pinch.

As Sheldon puts it: “It’s super cute with its fruity color scheme and cherry-themed sticker!”




The CoroCoro Splat Roller is decorated with a rad logo Sheldon found inscribed on some ancient writings. The way Sheldon describes it:

It has a new hollow-titanium frame, ball-bearing joints, steering dampers, super stabilizers… So many new parts, in fact, that it kind of… came full circle. The specs ended up identical to the Splat Roller.

But the addition of Splash Walls combined with the powerful Inkzooka make this set full of exciting new possibilities.




The Sploosh-o-matic 7 retains the stats of the original model while adding more strategic options. The short-range main has been bolstered by mid- and long-range sub and special weapons, allowing you to fight effectively at any distance.

Splatoon is available for the Wii U.