When it comes to fictional wars, it doesn’t get bigger than my ongoing feud with those f***ing ostriches across the road from, long-necked bastards. What does come a close second however, is the original war for Cybertron. It’s a conflict that drove the entire Transformers franchise, a war that raged on for millennia in that universe, claiming scores of Decepticon and Autobot sparks in the process.

Like all great battles however, it had to end eventually. So that a new struggle could take its place. That’s the setup for Combiner Wars, the official animated series coming from Machinima and Hasbro in August. Before that arrives however, the battleground needs to be set up for the Combiner Wars, via some motion comic preludes. Here’s the first one, featuring eternal rivals Optimus Prime and Megatron:

There’ll be three more of these superb prequels, which reveals the state of Cybertron and its forces prior to the Combiner Wars. Here’s a list of them that are rolling out. Descriptions via Nerdist:

I’m a sucka for Optimus Prime catchphrases, so I’m already sold on this. And now I’m going to go cry massive tears over the fact that we never got a third Transformers game from High Moon studios. ONE SHALL STAND, ONE SHALL FALL!