Downspiral offers an array of lighthearted races and classes for players to create their party members with, letting them make their own crew of goofballs to face dangers and find treasure in the first-person dungeon crawler.

The dungeon, a broken-down amusement park, still contains fortune and danger. Players can chose who to bring into its depths, choosing from races like Land Dolphin, Tomato Person, and Mind-Flayer-like Thule, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. They can then assign similarly-odd classes like Accountant, Chef, as well as more normal ones like Warrior and Mage, for their exploration party.


With a full party of weirdos, players can set off into the dungeon, running into silly monsters and beating them up for ridiculous treasures. Combat is handled live, with grid-based movement, so player’s will have to mind their positions against twerking dinosaurs and other odd creatures.


Downspiral is designed to be a lighthearted experience, one that friends can enjoy together through the game’s local 4-player co-op. It should be available sometime this year, and is raising votes on Steam Greenlight.