This weekend will once again decide which South African CS:GO team will represent our community at the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, France in October. The competition completed its online leg back in June, and the Electronic & Gaming Expo will play host to the Second Chance Qualifier in Hall 3 of their convention this weekend.

After a successful eSports showcase at the 2015 EGE, the expo has decided to extend its eSports presence by offering an entire hall to eSports which will feature tournaments in Call of Duty, FIFA, Counter-Strike, and a BYOC LAN.

Taking nothing away from other eSports titles, this weekend’s main attraction will be the major ESWC South African Qualifiers which will begin in Hall 3, and culminate in the 600 seat Audi Auditorium on Sunday July 31st.

The weekend’s broadcasting will be handled by familiar names in the local eSports scene.

The online qualifier delivered four “Hero” teams who were auto berthed into the winner’s bracket of the competition. Six teams will compete with “Challenger” status with the hopes of grabbing the final four spots in the competition.


All games will be live streamed to the official Orena Twitch TV page.

Sunday’s action will also feature giveaways from Rebel Tech and ASUS.

A weekend pass, Sunday day pass, or BYOC ticket will grant you access to the Auditorium on Sunday where ESWC Qualifiers will reach its final stages and decide who will head over to Paris Games Week in October.