Like most of the company’s games, EA’s newest FIFA game has switched over to DICE’s Frostbite engine, allowing for a lot more graphical fidelity, especially where things like facial animation are concerned. In a new video showcasing just that, EA has shown off the tech, along with its face scanning features. The video shows off FC Bayern stars in FIFA 17, including Neuer, Lewandowski, Costa, Coman, and Müller.

It looks pretty good! Take a look:

We spoke to the game’s Lead Producer, Sebastian Enrique at E# this year, and this is what he had to say about the switch to Frostbite.

“The first thing you gotta think about Frostbite is collaboration and opportunity. Dragon Age, a Bioware game, is on Frostbite. Battlefield, a Dice game, is on Frostbite. They’ve all brought their own advancements and innovations to the engine. It was a no brainer for EA to bring all their titles under Frostbite. Any advancement that takes place in it becomes available to everyone.

The visual quality the engine has a lot of different techniques that rose in Dice’s Battlefield for example, can now be used in FIFA. We can now bring a lot more emotion to the characters thanks to the advanced facial techniques available in Frostbite.”

FIFA 17 is due to release on new and old consoles and PC on September 29. It will also – for the first time – feature a pretty intriguing-sounding story mode. A reminder though, said story mode won’t be coming to the old consoles. Bummer.

In semi-related news, here’s the sort of PC you’ll need to get your next-gen football on:

The specs are noticeable higher than the ones for FIFA 16 – but the Frostbite Engine does actually run well on that system, so this year’s FIFA shouldn’t be a nightmare on PC.