There’s a lot that goes into a Guardian build in Destiny, thanks to the game using a character progression system of light to gauge just how powerful you really are. Spread across a trio of weapon classes, your Ghost and armour, your light determines just how strong your midnight special will be in the heat of battle. And then there are artifacts, a little touch of ornamentation that most Guardians don’t exactly pay a lot of attention to.

Does your artifact have a decent light number attached to it? Okay, cool bugger whatever bonuses come with it because that’s all that matters. That’s an idea that Bungie wants to fix for the Rise of Iron expansion, as a new series of artifacts were revealed, each one offering a substantial amount of customisation not to how your Guardian looks but rather to how your light warrior will actually function in Destiny. Here’s a breakdown of the eight artifacts that you’ll be able to get your hands on in Rise of Iron, via Forbes:


Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Each artifact is not only class-agnostic, but also doesn’t consume an Exotic slot, so you’re still able to wear some heavy armour with other perks added in for good measure. They might sound minor, but those are some BIG changes to the current Guardian build in Destiny if you get your hands on one of those artifacts in Rise of Iron.


Memory of Radeghast for example, could make the Crucible a whole lot more fun if you’re running hot with a sword. Just imagine deflecting a rocket back at a Guardian for once, instead of losing your heavy ammo a full second after you just grabbed it. I also quite like Memory of Felwinter. Sacrificing a super may sound like a big risk, but it’s something that I’d gladly do if I was running a strike that had Void-burn damage as a modifier, especially when I happen to love the cluster effect of my Warlock Void grenades when they make small groups of enemies explode into extra baysplosions.

There’s also apparently a ninth secret artifact, that Bungie is keeping quiet about for when Rise of Iron launches. Only the Traveller knows just what this little keychain is capable of then, if they don’t want to spill the beans on it.