Dark Souls III is all about beginnings and endings. It’s a theme that has carried on through the entire franchise, one of a fire being lit that ended the perpetual darkness and again of that fire slowly fading out over time as the shadows creeped back in. Naturally, there’s a few endings to explore, ones that’ll have you either praising the sun or succumbing to the dark below.

So yeah, I guess I shouldn’t have to mention that there’ll be some big spoilers here, but I’m going to anyway. You can avert your gaze, after the image below. The spoiler boss, deadliest of all Dark Souls III fiends.


Your standard ending. All you have to do, is light that bonfire after the final boss battle.

Once you’ve collect the Eyes of a Firekeeper from the Untended Graves, give them to the Firekeeper before the final bos  battle. When the fight is done, use the summon sign found next to the bonfire to get a new ending.

Same as the End of Fire ending as described above BUT attack the Firekeeper as the camera fades. Bastard probably had it coming anyway.

Ok, this is a doozy. You’re going to need to complete several steps to acquire this ending. Let’s get started:

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