Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: September 15, 2010
# PC

GameTags: gamescampus, gameus, lobby-based, world war 2, historical, military, combat flight simulator, third-person shooter

Info: Heroes in the Sky is an intense airborne MMOTPS that combines high impact PVE and fast paced PVP as it chronicles the events from the beginning to the end of World War 2. PVP combat is taken to a new level as players must not only worry about the basic dangers from the front, behind, and sides, but also from above and below.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: December 4, 2009
GameTags: nimbly games, lobby-based, sci-fi, combat flight simulator, shoot ’em up

Info: Blast your way across the cartoon skies in this fast-paced game of aerial combat. Nimbly Games has crafted an instantly accessible, rewardingly deep, and ravishingly fun multiplayer action game. The sirens have sounded, bogies are coming in hot.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: February 12, 2010
Pirates Vikings and Knights II
GameTags: octoshark studios , lobby-based, medieval, first-person shooter

Info: PVKII is a game based on 3 teams from times past locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance and power. Pirates, Vikings & Knights II pits each team against one another in a variety of different scenarios enabling a varied, strategic, and fun gameplay. Each team has its overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as each member within those teams contributing special abilities for the success or failure of each goal.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: May 28, 2010
# PC
Robo Smasher
GameTags: kru interactive, lobby-based, sci-fi, anime, third-person shooter

Info: Robo Smasher is an online multiplayer TPS from Kru Interactive. The game combines third-person shooter action with block-moving strategy and features a super-deformed cartoon theme suitable for players of all ages.

Added Under SHOOTER | International, SEA | Live: 2010
# PC
MAT Mission Against Terror
GameTags: suba games, cib netstation, kingsoft, lobby-based, modern, first-person shooter

Info: M.A.T. (Mission Against Terror) is a multiplayer online first-person shooter developed by Kingsoft. M.A.T. is set in a fictional time not far from our own, pitting two teams against each other all around the world. The game includes a military ranking system, in-game friends lists, an integrated clan system, deep character customization options and social media integration via the M.A.T. website.

Added Under SHOOTER, MMORPG | International | Live: February 2, 2010
Star Trek Online
GameTags: perfect world entertainment, cryptic studios, open world, sci-fi, third-person shooter, crpg

Info: Star Trek Online is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios. In the game, the Star Trek universe appears for the first time on a truly massive scale. Players take the captain’s chair as they command their own starship and crew. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before in this ever-expanding online universe.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: August 25, 2009
# PC
GameTags: mayn games, vogster entertainment, instance-based, modern, third-person shooter

Info: CrimeCraft blends the action-packed combat of online shooters with the community and role-playing elements of today’s hottest massively multiplayer games. The game takes the best persistent world RPG features (thousands of players, guilds, PvE and PvP Combat, missions, loot, crafting, trading) and combines them with the action and skill based gameplay of a shooter.

Added Under SHOOTER | NA, EU, SEA | NA Live: January 29, 2009, EU Live: December 15, 2011, SEA Live: September 12, 2013
# PC
Cross Fire
GameTags: smilegate, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter

Info: Cross Fire is a multiplayer online FPS developed by Smilegate Entertainment. In the game, players assume the role of either a Black List or Global Risk operative and compete in various modes of play including Team Death Match, the Mutant infested Mutation Mode, attack and defend Escape Mode, and the exclusive stealth-action Ghost Mode. Cross Fire includes a military ranking system, in-game friends lists, an integrated clan system, deep character customization options and social media integration via the Cross Fire website.

Added Under SHOOTER | International | International Live: November 11, 2009, SEA Live: November 30, 2011
# PC
Alliance of Valiant Arms
GameTags: aeria games, red duck, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter

Info: AVA (Alliance of Valiant Arms) is an online FPS developed by Red Duck. The game takes place in an alternate timeline, in which old Cold War forces have resurrected to pitch Europe into all-out war. Players can join either the EU or NRF forces to complete various missions. Shooter fans will be able to emerge themselves into the realistic combat setting within AVA and play three different classes including Assault, Support, and Sniper.